Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am super behind on what we've been up to so I'll try to catch up. My BFF, Brennan, and her family came to visit us on their way to a family reunion in Wisconsin. We were SO happy to see them and have to give her husband, Kevin, major props for driving them here from Austin, TX. Bren and Kevin are Micah's godparents and we are godparents to their kids, Collin and Liam. Noah and Collin hit it off immediately whenever they are together. Being with them reminds me just how much I miss that awesome chica- another reason to plan a visit to the fall.
Brennan and Collin recently had birthdays so we had to celebrate with a cake. :)
We took a trip to the Science Museum and it seemed to hit all the right notes with the boys.

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  1. Oh, how we love our Wagoners. Miss you so much already!