Saturday, June 11, 2011

Soccer hijinks

Thankfully we have only one soccer game left for the spring season. Then we are taking a long hiatus, at least a year. The games are at 5:15pm, which is a really hard time and with three kids and Shawn attending about half the games it is too much for this mom to juggle.

Unfortunately Micah decided he wanted to run into the parking lot during Thursdays game. I was chasing after him with Celia in hand and I was not amused. I threatened, "Do you want to go sit in the van?" and he replied, "Yes!." Oops, that blew up in my face. :) The latter half of the game he was better behaved climbing in and out of Celia's carseat that was in the stroller. Not the most steady or easiest thing for him to be getting into which is why he loved every minute of it.

These photos are SO Micah. I am constantly wondering how Shawn and I ended up with such a stinkeroo. Good thing we love that stinkeroo so darn much.


  1. Every time you post pictures and stories like these of Micah I just think how much he and Grady have in commen! Honestly just today I threatened the same thing about sitting in the car and Grady said ok but will you turn the air conditioner on...blew up in this mamas face too!! He's just like his father I tell everyone :)

  2. I love how he is clearly cracking himself UP!

  3. I agree with Nico, he clearly thinks he is hilarious ;) Just remember spunk will get you a long way in life, so he is on the right track in that regard!