Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas at home

These is something magical about Christmas at home. We are always in Nebraska for the actual day but coming home and celebrating with just our family is really special. Watching their eyes light up as they look to see what Santa brought, savoring them unwrapping the gifts we picked out. I like the calm, peacefulness of it all.

A camera for Noah.
Lego fire trucks for Micah.
My friend, Brennan, is so talented. She made the boys felt dinosaurs and Alice from Alice in Wonderland for Celia. I look forward to her handmade gifts every year.
Shawn thought of getting the boys these old school gym scooters since our basement is unfinished. It is open gym down there.
This track Santa brought is a big hit.
Celia likes it too, much to her brothers' chagrin.

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