Sunday, January 1, 2012


This boy turned five on Christmas Eve. He is sweet, sensitive, smart, fun and handsome all rolled up into one amazing kid. Boy are we lucky to have him!

We celebrated in Wood River at Aunt Judy's house. It was a great party filled with so many people who love our little guy.
He chose a construction cake. This photo was taken moments before a full scale tantrum broke out over Micah not being able to have the backhoe.
The Captain America costume from Aunt Beth and Uncle Jestin was voted best present.

Yes, they wear jerseys every darn day!

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  1. Happy Birthday Noah Patrick, sorry we had to miss it! With two more litle boys I'm sure there would have been an even bigger scene with sharing the backhoe!!! Grady LOVED his cake that looks like Noah's, two years in a row we've gotten one like it ;)