Friday, January 6, 2012

Mom For Heisman

Their daily clothes choice. Micah is sporting a jersey that was Shawn's when he was a kid. His cousin Tisha made it for him because pre-internet it was a little tough to find a Notre Dame jersey in the middle of Husker Country. Noah is wearing Shawn's high school jersey, taken out of retirement from Grandma Jane's cedar chest over Christmas, "Go Big Purple!"
Grandpa Dennis teaching the boys how to enjoy a football game. Micah wearing Shawn's other high school jersey.

The boys are obsessed with football at the moment. They wear football pants and jerseys every day at some point, usually all day, and Micah frequently wears his football helmet to school, the store, and the other places we go. They only like tackle football with Dad and have turned the living room couch into the end zone. Grandpa Dennis got them excited about football on tv and now they frequently ask if football is on. When we let them watch a few minutes they always pick out their team and which player they are and for some reason they always watch for the players with hair sticking out of their helmets and yell, "There's Mom!"


  1. Laughing out loud ;) They have such a great imagination.

  2. Haha!!! That is SO cute! Love the old school jersey's!