Friday, May 7, 2010


I was working in the kitchen this morning and the step stool was behind me. I heard what I thought was Noah getting on it and then turned around to find Micah. Had I given him another minute or two I am certain he would have been on top of the counter. I shouldn't be surprised because he has been going up the stairs for months but this stool is TOO high for our little guy. He has since done it all throughout the day and now the stool will be finding a new home, folded in a closet.


  1. Oh, you're in trouble with that one! I speak from experience! Claire climbed up the ladder of Audrey and Olivia's bunk bed BEFORE SHE COULD WALK. The ladder found a home in the garage after that!

  2. It is amazing what they will do in the 30 seconds when you've got your back turned. So scary! (But also a really cute picture).