Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sous Chef

Noah helped cut rhubarb today in preparation for tomorrow night's dessert.

Our family is enjoying the adventure of our first year participating in a CSA farm. We choose a farm, purchased a share and each week pick up a box of vegetables and in the summer we will get a fruit box as well. Noah and I get excited to pick up the box of veggies and check out what is inside. I would say that we have always been relatively healthy eaters; however, we certainly weren't adventurous in our food choices. That is all changing now! I never buy parsnips, sunchokes or even bok choy at the grocery store but now we are getting them and so many others on a weekly basis. It is fun to find and try to recipes and discover that we really like all these foods. Shawn said tonight "It is like we are eating at a fancy restaurant." I'll take that as a compliment, thank you very much. He also asked if the meal was vegan, while eating a cheese stick that he had grabbed as he walked in the door.

Our herb garden has taken a hit. I left the pots out overnight and the very next day read that basil doesn't do well when the temps fall below 50 degrees. Whoops. We will be buying new basil plants. The dill is looking pretty sad as well. I am really terrible with plants but am willing to keep trying - any positive green thumb vibes are appreciated.

Does anyone have any rhubarb recipes to share? I've already done a rhubarb/strawberry crisp and am now going to make a lemon/rhubarb bundt cake. It seems that all the recipes I've come across are just loaded with sugar. Not that I don't love dessert but I'd like to explore some other options.


  1. I love rhubarb too but have only had it in strawberry-rhubarb pie and vanilla rhubarb cake (at Moosewood - it might be in one of their cookbooks? it was amazing.)

    Also, I put parsnips in everything. Whenever you have a soup or stir-fry recipe that calls for carrots and/or celery add parsnips too. They make everything taste more rich and delicious.

    I can't wait til our CSA starts in June. I've been eating so badly; for example, just had a few bites of Tess's baptism cake for lunch. Gross.

  2. Wish I had some recipes to share, but do not. I unfortunately had to back out of our CSA this summer. I was scared off by the hoards of people telling me it was SO MUCH food. I just commited to being more adventurous with my veggies and buying them on my own. So, thanks for your post--it was a good reminder for me!

  3. I enjoyed our CSA when we did it in Charlottesville...lots of greens! No rhubarb recipes, sorry! Did you buy that cookbook?