Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yesterday I was driving home and heard that the cars from the Disney movie were going to be at the Mall of America to promote the new movie coming out this summer. Since Shawn is super dad he took the boys this morning. Shortly after they left I received a message stating that this was ONE of the lines.
They were able to see Mater and Lightening from the second floor though and were just as excited. Then they went down and stood outside the ropes to get a closer look.

See the "x" on the floor. The kids waited in line to be able to stand on that x for a photo. Umm, not so sure that is worth it.


  1. That is awesome! Grady would have loved it too.

  2. Agreed with my sister! I can't wait for Cars 2 to come out this summer! I think I'm more excited than Grady, it's one of my all time fav movies!! Love the pics!