Friday, March 18, 2011

Rain Gear

The weather in Minne has warmed up and that means the snow is melting. Woohoo. That also means that it is a wet, dirty mess everywhere. We decided rain gear was an essential St. Patrick's Day present. Shawn researched the perfect coats and boots for the boys and they could not be cuter in them. Dinos for Noah and tractors for Micah.

Celia has been the perfect newborn, eating and sleeping the days away.


  1. Cute, cute, cute!! I asked Grady what he wanted on his birthday cake which is coming up in May. He said a dinosaur cake just like Noah's!! I thought to myself, can I supply our own dino's and save some cash...Thought it was cute though that he remembered all the excitement of that day!

  2. Those are truly excellent raincoats. And Celia looks like a little doll!!

  3. Such cute rain gear. And I think I spy newborn denim - eeeeeee, love it!