Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While uploading the new photos of Celia I thought about bringing the boys home. I was sure that they had all come home in the same hat and striped outfits. I'm funny that way, I also have worn the same red pjs in the hospital all three times. Turns out that the hat that Celia and Micah came home in was given to Noah by Shawn's cousin, Katy, after he was born so he wore another home. Anyhow, it was fun to see how similar they all look.


  1. They DO look so similar! Gorgeous babies.

    Hope you are adjusting back home and getting some rest. Can't wait to see more pics...

  2. Perfect little princess! Congrats! I think she looks a lot like Micah and can't wait to meet her! Hope the boys are liking her just as much as the rest of us!! Take Care!

  3. So cute- I love comparing pictures of the boys and reminiscing. Your 3 are like little peas in a pod :)