Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everything okay ma'am?

Yesterday morning I was upstairs nursing Celia and the boys were playing on our main floor. Then I heard an unfamiliar sound. I quickly went downstairs to see Noah on a stool looking for scissors in a cupboard, which is next to our house alarm system. I entered the code and the alarm stopped. Five minutes later ADT called and said the fire alarm had been set off and asked if everything was okay. I assured the woman that we were fine and that my 4 year old had accidentally set it off. I then got the boys back to their art projects and headed up to get dressed but as soon as I got upstairs there was a knock on the door. I looked out the window to see a fire truck in front of the house. Crap! I couldn't not answer the door so I picked up Celia and sheepishly opened the door in my pjs. SO embarrassed. I explained that everything was okay and he said they have to come and check regardless. He then told Noah it was alright and went back to his truck. I shut the door and the boys looked at the truck from the window. Then the firefighter headed back up to sidewalk with two fire hats in hand. As the truck drove off the guys waved and turned on the lights. Pretty exciting for the boys and not really the way to teach them to never do that again! :)


  1. What a stinker, but how funny...thats my nephew. Glad they keep you on your toes Shawna. See you all in 6 weeks :)


  2. I would have loved to hear the boys tell Shawn about that experience :)