Monday, May 9, 2011


Last night before going to bed I went into each of my kid's rooms like I do every night. I love seeing them so peaceful and feeling full of peace myself. It is my time to let anything frustrating from the day go and know that we have a fresh start tomorrow. Sometimes the groundhog day-ness of being a stay at home mom wears on me. Cleaning up the same things over and over and over, fighting the same battles day after day, what to make for dinner. I never expected to have such a range of emotions as a mother. Highest of highs and some pretty low lows. I think the strong feelings stem from loving them so much that I get passionate about all that they do and say, who they are. Mother's Day provides me with some time to think about just how lucky I am to be the mother to these sweet kids. Being their mother is my life's work and all said and done I couldn't ask for a more fantastic job.


  1. Well said Shawna. Such a beautiful post. Your sweet kids are lucky to have you as their mama :)

  2. I love this too - and am glad that I read it at the end of a long day when I've experienced the range of emotions you describe. Maybe I'll just copy and paste this into my blog :)
    (just kidding)
    I really love photos of sleeping kids, by the way.

  3. Aw Shawna, what an awesome post. I LOVE watching my kids sleep its such a peaceful moment for all. Your post really says a lot and I think a lot of mom's agree with everything you said I know I do. Happy Mother's Day to a great mom!

  4. What a sweet, sweet post, Shawna! You're such a wonderful, honest Mama. Love you much. xo