Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Program

Noah had a program at preschool last week. They also had one in the fall. He sang a little but spent most of the time standing on stage like a deer in headlights. Wow have things changed since then. He was doing all the actions with the songs and was one of the loudest singers. Shawn could hear him in the back row of the church. Woohoo for Noah. It was so darn cute. These school events make him seem so grown up. They give me that want to bawl my eyes out feeling.
Could these two be any more handsome? Love them!
Here's what Micah wore to the program.


  1. Great photo of Shawn and Noah! And Micah is so stylish ;)

  2. Grady has a program coming up in a few weeks, can't wait! love Micah's attire :) P.S. your baby girl is looking uber plump and healthy :) :)