Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday was a fun day. We went to the Edina Art Fair and saw the Teddy Bear Band play. I forgot my camera which was a bummer but I didn't miss any great shots. Micah was mesmerized and Noah sat like a bump on a log watching and then couldn't stop talking about it when we got home. After the concert we visited the kid-friendly booths and Noah did a couple of art projects.

He made this crown

and these flowers in a vase.

Then we had a little picnic and I treated Noah to a vanilla cone at DQ on our walk back to the car. I could tell he was getting really worn out so I was pulling out all the stops to keep him motivated to continue moving toward the car. He said, "Don't worry mom, I'm not too tired to eat my ice cream." No surprise there.

We continued the art theme after naps by making masterpieces on the driveway.

I also have to give myself a personal high five because it is 9am and I have a loaf of bread in the oven, pasta sauce simmering on the stove and refried beans in the crockpot. I've been lacking in the productivity department lately and Shawn is at a work meeting this morning from 7am to noon - poor guy. Noah just came in and asked if it is naptime...I feel the same buddy.

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  1. Great job, Mama S, getting out and exposing the boys to such fun and creative events!