Monday, June 7, 2010

Reading Spot

Noah and I were headed to the library after dinner tonight and on our way to the car our neighbor, John, came running over with a bean bag in his hand. He told Noah that he could have it to watch tv in. I said he could read in it! Noah was excited about his new acquisition and was happy to cozy in and read tonight. Shawn was laughing and making purr sounds the entire time because he is certain that it was our neighbor's cat's bed. He says we are throwing it away ASAP but I have a feeling a protest will be coming.

That's a book about humvees that we read tonight. After I had my fill of humvees Noah requested his nightly story be about humvees and tanks too. Great.


  1. Too funny! You'll have to let us know who wins the fight of the bean bag.

  2. Hilarious! You guys all crack me up (I can totally imagine Shawn doing this btw).