Thursday, June 10, 2010


They say bad luck comes in threes right? I hope so because we hit numero tres today. I was playing with the boys in the backyard before dinner and a bee landed on Micah's face while he was in the swing. It stung him on the eyelid and then went down into his shirt, which I didn't realize until later when it flew out all the while he was hysterical. Of course he was, he got stung three more times. Poor little guy. After a call to the pediatric nurse we ended up in urgent care. By the time we got there the welts from the stings and a few hives were subsiding. I learned that bees can sting more than once if they don't loose their stinger. His eye on the other hand is swollen and red and just when we had gotten rid of the black eye.

In case you are wondering I consider the first stroke of bad luck my stomach virus that also landed me in urgent care and a couple of days ago I broke my toe at our neighbors...we were there because I locked us out of the house.

Okay karma, send us some good stuff.


  1. Oh my goodness! Sending positive vibes your way...

  2. That is seriously the saddest story. I hope that the baby motrin (or whatever) is working and that he feels better soon!

  3. That is so not cool and yes a few strokes of bad luck. Hope Micah doesn't feel much pain from it. How's your toe?