Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toy Store

We have had a week filled with play dates with friends. Early in the week it was rainy so we kept our activities indoors. On Tuesday, we meet my friend Julie and her boys, Jack and Tyler at a toy store and then went to lunch. Noah and Jack played remarkably well together and the little boys kept us on our toes running all around the toy store and getting into everything. Lunch went well but we stayed about 10 minutes too long and everyone started to melt down. As we were walking to the car Noah said, "Mom, I'm really tired just like Jack is." Then on the ride home he told me, "I asked Jack if he wanted to go to Big Bowl for lunch." I laughed as I pictured them negotiating lunch plans. By the way, we did not end up at Big Bowl.

Micah liked this fun mirror

and trying on hats.

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