Monday, June 28, 2010


Noah: "Mom I scratched the window."
Me: "How did you scratch the window?"
Noah: "Come look."
Me: "Noah, that is not a scratch. The window is broken. How did that happen?"
Noah: "I threw my pirate ship at it"

So that's that. Our first broken window. I have a feeling there may be more in our future. Noah was most worried about the chance of rain and thunder coming in the window but Shawn solved that problem with a little packing tape. Our windows are original to the house (they don't come out) so now I am on the task of finding someone to come in and replace it.


  1. Oh boy. Looks like Noah has quite the arm!

  2. Noah and Finn are going to have some awesome conversations. Good luck fixing the window!!

  3. Let me apologize in advance for any mischief Noah coerces Finn into! :)

  4. Oh no! I keep saying I can't believe Grady hasn't had stitches or broken anything knowing that one day soon I won't be able to say that any more. Its bound to happen right??!! It just sucks when it does and sorry it happened to you guys! Good luck on replacing the window! Funny that he was worried about the weather coming in, sounds like something Grady would say ;-)

  5. That conversation made me laugh out loud.

  6. Oh how our boys are just peas in a pod. I love it that I'm not alone!