Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Eventful Day

Whew! Yesterday was super busy at the Wagoner house. We started the day bright and early by meeting with a potential landscaper. Then the power company crew came to turn off our electricity because a large tree in our backyard was getting taken out. Next came a guy to fix the broken window and just as he arrived about six tree guys showed up.

We packed up the food from the refrigerator and took it to our neighbor Joy's house and then came home to settle in for the tree show. Unfortunately, this is the second tree we have had to remove but it was exciting for the boys none the less.

Noah ran to his room to get ready for the day. The hardhat Uncle Darren gave him was a must.

Joy came over to watch all the action too.

When it was all said and done we were left with this giant pile of wood chips...
and a couple of little boys eager to dig in.


  1. nothing like little boys digging in the dirt! it's awesome!

  2. Great pics. Joy seems sweet. So nice to have kind neighbors :)